Design by Mariska

Design by Mariska

We’re not fussy about the partners we choose. We’re just lucky really. Mariska Nell’s art is a prime example. Here’s is Mariska’s story:

“I am extremely passionate about art, design, food, travel and reusing beautiful recycled items and turning them into art.

The inspiration behind my collections started with Nespresso capsules. I felt that the pods were just too beautiful to end up in the bin and wanted to find a better way of recycling them.

After cleaning 913 Nespresso pods, opening them into hundreds of flowers and assembling them, the first “Coffee Addiction Lamp” was created. Soon after the first lamp, I started to explore different ways to use recycled elements in my paintings as well and to create something beautiful out of waste.

I am always on the lookout for more recycled items, and after hearing about the wonderful work SUP Clean Up was doing, I just knew she had to get involved.”

Thank you Mariska for standing up against pollution and excessive plastic consumption. You can follow Mariska on Facebook and Instagram and visit here website here.

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November 2, 2017