Koldpress Juice Ko

Koldpress Juice Ko

Our partnership with Koldpress Juice Ko is simple. Their campaign – “We use glass bottles for a plastic free sea.

All SUP Clean Ups in Dubai will be supported by Kold Press Juice Ko, keeping paddlers and participants refreshed.

“Nature is amazing and we want to preserve it as much as possible when crafting our menus, which is why we choose to use a hydraulic cold press juicer. We use a state of the art slow-hydraulic press from California to sloooowly press as many vital nutrients from our produce as possible. This system does not produce or use heat in the extraction process or allow high volumes of oxidation. Thus, we are able to retain up to 5x the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes of a usual store-bought juice. This fine system gives true justice to the fresh ingredients used in all our recipes.”


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November 2, 2017

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